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Applied Analytics Training is a specialized in-house Analytics training that can be tailored fit for your organization's requirements. From the introduction to the advance course, Sonic Analytics can provide it for you. 

All the courses that we offer are applicable to any business units: 

1. Marketing 

2. Human Resources 

3. Operations 

4. Finance 

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  1. Applied Analytics I: Course covers 2 days of content for a cross functional audience who are currently using analytics in their daily duties.  Core competencies to be covered include transforming and modeling data for management reporting and business dashboards. Topics to be covered include Big Data Analytics, Data Value Chain, Data Blending, Predictive Analytics, and Data Visualization. Participants should have at least a basic level of comfort with MS Excel.

  2. Applied Analytics II: This advanced course covers 2 days and is designed for a cross-functional audience. Key competencies include discovering patterns, providing insights and making decision. Topics to be covered include Data-Driven Decision-Making, Statistical Analysis, Prescriptive Analytics, Data Storytelling and an introduction to Augmented Analytics (AI, Machine Learning). Participants need to have at least an intermediate level of comfort with MS Excel.

  3. Applied Analytics for Newbies (Basic): A 2 day course designed for a cross-functional audience that is generally new to the concept of analytics. Competencies to be covered include Inspecting and Cleaning Data that drive a analytics culture regardless of role/function.  Topics include Fundamentals of Business Analytics, Data Governance, Management Reporting with KPIs, and Introduction to Data Visualization

  4. Data Visualization and Storytelling using Excel and Tableau: After learning how to efficiently manage your data, next step that you have to figure out is how to report your findings. This course will teach you different visualization and storytelling techniques that will bring your data to life. 


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