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A.I. Ready: How to Start Using Artificial Intelligence for Massive Success

So I just submitted this proposal to speak at Saint Leo University’s 2nd Annual Women in STEAM Conference. I am really big fan of the organizers Heather Johnson and Amanda Forrester, to amazing champions for the empowerment of women towards careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math.

So here is the abstract of my proposal:

A.I. Ready: How to Start Using Artificial Intelligence for Massive Success

We are surrounded by artificial intelligence in our lives. Most of us carry A.I. around in our pocket, it is running our cars, and more and more we entrust it to run our homes.

Today, A.I. is driving significant investment from venture capitalist firms, making tech titans like Amazon, Microsoft and Google ultra-wealthy, pushing cutting edge academic research, and creating millions of job openings across a multitude of sectors.

But why is it that so few businesses are using artificial intelligence to ensure their success in the digital age? Sadly, not many. And this is a problem.

70% of jobs today are in the small business sector, yet almost all the work being done in artificial intelligence is focused on providing solutions aimed at the enterprise level. If we don’t start seeing a huge shift towards more small businesses investing in using artificial intelligence soon, we may be looking at future where we have a lot less businesses. That is a scary thought when we consider that all the top companies today started as small business just a decade or so ago.

Most small businesses have not started down the path towards artificial intelligence, simply because they don’t know where to start. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are good at what they do, and that is rarely looking at data, optimizing processes and using data to influence customer decisions. Whether it be doing this work for a business or setting up a new small business to deliver A.I. solutions, there is unprecedented opportunity to help others get A.I. Ready.

This workshop will share with participants a process to guide small businesses towards implementing artificial intelligence. So whether you envision embarking on a career as an A.I. expert with a tech titan or you want to set up your own business to empower the use of A.I., you will walk away from the workshop with a clear plan of action.

According to the SBA, 33% of small businesses are owned by women. As far the tech titans, it is hard to think of even one lead by a woman. So, the obvious path for attendees who love data and see artificial intelligence as an exciting career path is to help get companies ready to use A.I. and prepare for massive success.

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