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Daily Data Sparks

One of the coolest things about being an analyst is when the light bulb shines on when you discover something interesting in your data.

I liken it to a spark igniting an engine. Your brain jumps into a higher level of curiosity as you make sense of the data.

It’s like a data spark.

As someone always looking at the data behind everything we do, I see a lot of sparks.

Sometimes they are mine, but often they are inspired by others.

As an analyst it’s very important to keep up with what other analysts are doing.

LinkedIn, KDNuggets, and Pew Research are among my favorite places to go to stay up to date.

I also read a ton. I have all of Bernard Marrakech books.

Youtube is another regular spot for my time consumption. Cole Knaffic and Leila Gharani are two I follow.

These are all sources of data sparks I mix in with my own.

I share a lot here on Medium, my website and various social media pages.

Today’s Data Spark: “The data can only take an organization so far. The real drivers are the people.” (Gartner)

People who stay up to date on what is the cutting edge and constantly working to keep themselves and their organizations on that edge.

Bottom line, data sparks from who I follow are added to my own discoveries and I’ve got a wealth of little nuggets of knowledge to share with analysts and people who manage analysts.

Data sparks!

Hope one of mine ignites one in you.

And let me give a tip of the hat to the companies in Rhode Island and Singapore using data spark in their name.

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