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Delegate, Outsource & Automate Your Way to Massive Success

Do you want to know how to run a successful business and have time to enjoy life? Would you like your business to generate revenue 24x7x365, regardless of whether you’re in the office or off on an exotic vacation?

Studies show that only 40% of an employee’s time (this includes everyone from individual contributors to C-Suite executives) is spent performing primary job functions. How would you like to reclaim 60% of your time? What could you do with double the manpower in your company, at no additional cost to you?

I think about this a lot, and thanks to the idea from my good friend and key business partner, Melanie McSally (, I have developed a new program for small business owners and entrepreneurs who might be struggling to keep up with those of the forefront of their industry.

I’ve found that the key to being successful is freeing yourself from the mundane, manual processes that you only put in place out of necessity.

What would you do with an extra couple of hours every day? Imagine how you could focus on the big picture, think more strategically and explore new opportunities that generate additional revenue.

So how do you free up your time?

First, you have to determine what you do now that should be being done by someone, or something else. When you master the art of delegation, you gain peace of mind that important things are getting done by those you trust.

Second, you need to determine what you are doing that can and probably should be done by someone else. Why do it yourself, when you can partner with a managed virtual assistance provider so when you wake up in the morning you see several completed tasks waiting in your inbox.

Third, you have to turn to technology to take away manual, repetitive processes that eat up a lot of your time. Artificial intelligence has become indispensable in our daily lives, but few of us have started using it in our business. It’s not as scary, as expensive or as difficult as you might think.

Small businesses that are able to compete with the tech-driven titans of their industry are doing so because their leaders have mastered the art of delegation, employ the strategy of outsourcing and are embracing technology advances with automation.

Which all leads me to a new training and coaching offering:

Delegate, Outsource & Automate Your Way to Massive Success

The Art of Delegation is about knowing what you should give up and who can do it better than you. Hire for Complementary skills, invest in your team, have an eye towards succession .., work yourself out of a job so that just about everything you do can be done in parts by other people. Enhance systems, invest in talent and be clear on your role so your foundation is solid.

The Strategy of Outsourcing is all about knowing the long term, looking for when it’s best to have someone else do it. Factor in cost, time and skill set. Partner well. Treat them as employees and they will act like it. Give time-consuming, auxiliary tasks that are important but routine to contractors who help you build.

The Science of Automation. Looking to A.I. for deeper, more actionable insight. Low hanging fruit first. Automation comes in many forms but is almost always more efficient, more cost-effective and provides higher quality over time. The things you put inside that make it all run harder, faster, stronger, better. This is the smart way of doing things that those at the front of the pack are already doing.

Looking forward to delivering this solution to small businesses that aren't afraid to dive into upgrade their way of doing things.

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