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Launching A Mastermind

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Last July 23 I started off my first West Orlando “Quantum” Mastermind in partnership with Bill Walsh and Powerteam International at the awesome West Orange Chamber of Commerce

This marks an important new direction in my life, let me tell you why.

About 10 years ago I decided I had plateaued in corporate life. I enjoyed a very good 15 year career as an analyst with Wells Fargo Bank. I had the privilege of learning all about data.

From acquisition to storage to analysis to presentation to implementation I got deep into the weeds of how a huge, multinational financial institution maximized the value of its data. I did a little of everything and became the definitive analytics jack of all data trades.

And then one day after not being promoted (again), my boss told me that I was a really good analyst, but if I really wanted to move up in my career I might have to leave the bank. ( I don’t have an MBA and back then the term “data scientist” hadn't been in common use yet).

Long story short, I got to the top of that particular mountain. I quit my safe, secure, well paying job, moved my family across the Pacific and proceeded to build my own company. I had an ambitious goal. To build a top brand analytics training company in the Philippines. So I did just that.

Decision-Making Analytics & Intelligence Philippines (DMAIPH) has trained 1000’s of analysts for 100’s of companies working on over 80 analytics projects and has led the way in the massive up skill training of the Philippines call center industry in its use of analytics. Another mountain climbed.

Now back to the present. I’m at base camp on a new mountain. Small Business and Entrepreneur Big Data Analytics Coaching here in Florida. And since this is a much bigger mountain, I teamed up with some great climbing partners… Powerteam and the West Orange Chamber.

I signed up to lead the West Orlando Quantum Mastermind with Powerteam because I want to again, evolve into something new. I am a good teacher, a great analyst, a pretty successful businessman, but now I want to take all that and share my knowledge and experience with a new audience.


Simply put, it is my first, best destiny to train people to be analysts.

Being part of this mastermind with these business partners, will give me access to a whole new mountaintop to climb, empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs to put their data to work along the way.

I am still pretty new to the whole idea of a mastermind. I just read Napoleon Hill for the first time, I have only been in Florida full time for two months. But thats me. I dive into the deep end every time.

My goal in year one is to share my passion for data with at least 1000 West Orlando business leaders with monthly masterminds like the one we are having today. That will be the metric letting me know I have reached the first summit on my ascent to the top.

Come join the climb with me!

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