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LinkedIn Executive Level Account Management

LinkedIn should be a very powerful tool for industry leaders, speakers and executives to build their brand, spread their influence and open up new business opportunities. However, to really get full value out of LinkedIn, few executives can dedicate much time to the tool.

Virtual Assistants are a very helpful way to bridge this gap. Having a trusted, managed, VA, log in using an Executive’s Log-In credentials to manage the daily use of LinkedIn as business development, marketing, and influencer tool can be a significant difference-maker. Having a VA with the focus to build engagement with key connections and to open new speaking, training and coaching opportunities should be invaluable for the busy executive.

So I came up with a new product specifically for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Executives who need to get more value out of their LinkedIn Profile.
Our price point is $10 an hour, with the average VA working for 20 hours a week. Billed twice a month.

Many of our tops VAs provide the following LinkedIn services for busy executives:


· Send Message for every New Job, Work Anniversary & Birthday

· Post a Post/Photo/Link once a day (link to something from other related SM sources)

· Add Relevant New Connections (2nd Connections with the Connect option)

· Send Generic Greeting to Every new Connection

· Answer/Forward Messages


· Post Articles once a week (repurposed from Medium)

· Add links, comments and/or posts to Groups (2 per week per group)

· Ad-Hoc E-mail Mining for Marketing Campaigns

· Track event promoters, conferences, trade fairs, etc. with potential speaking engagements.


· Clean Up Old or “Dead” Connections

· Provide Month End Analytics Report to Executive

· Provide Marketing Team with all new E-mails for Newsletter

Sonic Analytics is a data analytics organization that brings virtual staffing, big data & artificial intelligence solutions to small and medium-sized organizations looking to optimize their business and increase profitability.

Our veteran team of over 100 VAs all have successful track records in working with American business, have an affinity for American culture and meet our high standards for productivity and performance

We are able to handle just about any office, administrative or operations task you have that is costing you precious time and keeping you from what you do best.

Most importantly we can help you avoid having to navigate the hit and miss freelance VA market.

Having a managed VA is superior to the various freelance services like Upwork and Fiverr in that, your VAs are treated as full-time employees. Supervised by our experienced team.
Freelance VA Services Cons:
Prone to ghosting, limited accountability, the higher price point for anything beyond the basic service package.
Managed VA Services Pros:
You don’t have to work about all the HR, Payroll & Operations tasks that are very time-consuming. Nor do you have to worry about being taken advantage of by blindly hiring a VA online. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing that if you need to staff up or find a replacement, we will have them ready for you, fully vetted and ready to go.
Spending too Much Time on Manual Work? Free Up Your Time Today.

Identify manual, repetitive tasks that require a lot of resources, but do not require a high level of skill.

Determine job functions that take a lot of your time, and honestly can probably be done by someone else with that specialized skill set.

• Work with companies that have proven track records in outsourcing and understand your business.
• Treat outsourced employees as close to how you treat your actual employees as possible.
• Have a good understanding of the outsourcing industry so you get good value for your investment.
• Add a Managed Virtual Assistant for less than $10 an hour.

To Hire a Sonic Analytics Managed Virtual Assistant:

To Apply to be a Sonic Analytics Managed Virtual Assistant:

or send an email with resume to

Any thoughts?

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Nathan Adrian
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