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Setting Up Your Home Office

I get asked a lot about how do I have my home office set up. There are several tips that come to mind that I have learned over the years that increase productivity.

Here are a few:

1. Natural Lighting or Well-Placed Work Lights

· Your Home Office should have a Window and Orientate Yourself to be able to see Blue Skies

· Use Lamps and Work Lights that don’t cause Glare on Your Screen

· Set up your Desk/Work Station to Optimize Lighting if You Will be Using Video

2. Mitigate Background Noise, Amplify Sound

· If Possible, Work in a Quiet Room with a Closed Door

· Set Clear Guidelines with Family/Roommates on Noise

· Keep a Set Schedule around when You have the Quietest/Privacy (note when garbage trucks, landscapers, trains, etc. make regular noise)

3. Aesthetics Keep You both Focused and Relaxed

· Inspirational Quotes/Posters/Images to rest your eyes on when on break

· Having a Plant can Increase Your Productivity by 20%

· Have a Vision Board to Remind You of Goals

4. Stay Organized, Reduce Clutter

· Have a White Board/Dry Erase Board/Poster Paper for Brainstorming

· Keep Your Desk Top Free of Clutter

· Fill Your Bookcase with How-To, Guides & Inspirational Books

· Dust Often

5. Optimize Your Use of Technology

· Invest in the Highest Quality Tech as You Can Afford

· Turn Off Unused Internet Drags

· Have a Printer & Printing Supplies Handy

6. Pay Attention to Ergonomics

· Use an Adjustable Chair that Supports You Back, Shoulders and Seat equally.

· Keep Your Monitor Arm’s Length from Your Face

· Give Your Legs & Feet Plenty of Space

Bottom line, if you are setting up a room in your house or apartment to be used as a home office, you need to really think it through. Anyone can work from home, but few are really good at working from home successfully.

· Don't have a TV in the room that you can watch things on. If you are using a TV to display presentations over your shoulder or behind you when you record video, don't have it set up to easily watch Netflix on. Keep that TV as a work tool.
· If the office is also a spare bedroom, keep the bed made and neat. Don’t let your workplace look like a place that would be a good place for a nap.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please share.

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Nov 29, 2022

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