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The more small businesses and entrepreneurs I work with, the more I appreciate how challenging it is to determine what to delegate, what to outsource and what to automate.

There is plenty of evidence out there showing that as much as 70% of the work a leader does, they really don’t have to be doing themselves.

Most people do try to delegate, but often they struggle to figure out who to trust with the delegation. Do you count on well-meaning friends and family whom you generally trust deeply, but unfortunately they don’t have the same commitment to your business as they do? I know firsthand how doubly frustrating it is when you delegate something bad but only does it not get done the way you wanted it to be done, but now there is a strain on the relationship.

A lot of us hire employees to free us up from tasks that shouldn’t be that difficult to do, but with the nation at full employment, good people are hard to find.

Plus there is a definite trend towards employees being more likely to job hop or just one day ghost you. After this happens you get leery about delegating key tasks.

The next option you might consider to free up time is to outsource. In some cases, you decide there are some things you do well, but honestly, you know others can do better, quicker and/or more efficiently. But that requires work to find a good virtual assistant or offshore team to work with. The internet is full of people saying they can help for a few, but how do you know which ones are legit. Going on Fiverr or Upwork is still a crapshoot.

So that leaves us with the option of getting started with artificial intelligence. Not many of us really know how we’d actually apply A.I. and we definitely see the headlines every day about robots taking jobs.

We find ourselves asking is it really worth learning about how to use A.I. in our business? Plus we expect it’s gonna be both expensive and take hiring experts to set up and maintain. But is it really that difficult?

The idea of embracing new technology, one that might drastically alter the way we do business is kinda scary. In addition, we really don’t want to admit we don’t actually know how we’d use A.I.

I imagine the same was said about the wheel, the steam engine, and the airplane.

This Digital Content Package is the first step in preparing your business to move towards using Artificial Intelligence.   We all have plenty of data in our businesses, but most of us are not using A.I. to maximize the value of the data. Learn how 3 different business, started using A.I. to massively increase their success.  


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