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Why We Need To Speak & Serve

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

I’m very, very excited to be speaking about Big Data at the Chicago International Success Center on Tuesday July 16th. As part of the Powerteam International team of speakers, I will be sharing my passion for data analytics with our audience as we talk about how to make your data work as hard as you do.

There is a lot of misconceptions about Big Data that I look forward to discussing with attendees. First off, Big Data is not just the size that matters. What really matters is how you are able to put that data to work in a way that gives you valuable insight and the ability to take direct action.

Even the term Big Data is deceiving, because volume is just one of the 5 V’s of Big Data. I will talk about each on Tuesday. We all have lots of data, but often its more important to worry about the quality of the data versus how much you have.

Analytics is really a process that helps you understand how data flows through a business from data entry to data analysis to data presentation. Breaking the analytics process into layman’s terms for those who are not data geeks is my favorite way to serve the community.

To empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, analytics professionals and business leaders with the techniques they need to enhance their organizations’ data-driven decision making is what I do best.

At first glance, analytics is kind of scary for most of us. However, it’s not as hard to employ some proven techniques or deploy affordable solutions as it seems.

The Speak & Serve Program is the ideal way for experts to impart their knowledge where it matters most, an audience hungry to find new approaches to solving challenges in their business. It is such an honor to be part of this all star line-up put together by Bill Walsh, America’s Small Business Expert. We are all driven by our desire to speak about what we know to serve our community best.

If you are in Chicago, come check it out. Or connect with me to find out where I will be helping people make sense out of their numbers next.

It’s Free!

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